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On Loneliness

The last days of the year are traditionally the days we reflect on and review the last months before we step into the new year. It is December the posts in which many will celebrate their milestones will be published. And that's okay! If you have achieved a lot, be proud of yourself, especially in 2020.

However, many of us have experienced the year differently and it felt like a standstill. And it is indeed true, we hardly got anywhere physically. That affects the psyche and soul.

Let's accept this year as a year of strength and growth, because yes we have all outdone ourselves when it comes to this. Our patience has been tested. Many have lost loved ones and left behind is the void where love once lived. Many families have been separated because of COVID and haven't seen each other in months. The way we work has changed and the way we study and learn is taking on new forms.

All of this has strained and redefined our resilience. 2020 was the year of change, both externally and internally. Even if you believe that you haven't achieved anything this year, you made it to and through December. Trust me. This is a lot. Celebrate that.

If you still find yourself struggling and you can't find a shoulder to lean on, please visit this website. It will direct you to resources in your country. Happy new year. 

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