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Said in Therapy is a Mental Health Awareness Podcast that is both educational and entertaining, discussing therapy cases, inspirational life stories, and explaining how hardship can be overcome.

  1. Latest EpisodeMarch 24, 2023

    Today I am in conversation with the break-up coach Nora. She is currently located in Dubai and conducts her sessions in English and Arabic, in person and online. Together we explore the topic of breakup and heartbreak.

    Heartbreak is a term used to describe the intense emotional pain someone feels after experiencing the end of a relationship. It is characterized by feelings of sadness, loss, grief, and despair. A variety of factors, including betrayal, rejection, and unrequited love, can cause heartbreak. The pain can be physical and emotional.

    Nora's contact details and handles:

    Instagram: @breakupcoachnora



  2. January 02, 2023
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