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Said in Therapy is a Mental Health Awareness Podcast that is both educational and entertaining, discussing therapy cases, inspirational life stories, and explaining how hardship can be overcome.

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    (55 minutes)
    July 16, 2022
    Autism is a condition that affects how a person thinks, feels, interacts with others, and experiences their environment. It is a lifelong condition that starts when a person is born and stays with them into old age. Every Autistic person is different from every other. This is why autism is described as a ‘spectrum’. I am in conversation with Dr. Charifa Zemouri with explains her individual experience with being on the spectrum and how she navigates her life. If you want to learn more about Dr. Zemouri, follow her on Twitter or visit her website for more information about her work.  💌  Sign up for my weekly email newsletter 🌍  My website/blog  📸  Instagram 🐦  Twitter
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